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Phantom Mischief -- Jennifer LaRose
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Phantom Mischief by Jennifer LaRose--October 11, 2016 from Excessica. Emerald Isle Enchantment, series box set.

Should a girl scream and run for her life when pinned to the bed by a ghost performing the best sex ever? Not a chance.

When Shanna Haden’s fiancé sweeps her off to Ireland for a romantic interlude, the trip turns into a nightmare. First, she discovers criminal activity taking place at her fiancé’s insurance agency, and she breaks the engagement. Secondly, he leaves her stranded at Castle Tullamore with no means of escape.

Alone, and at the mercy of a phantom lover, she seeks salvation in the arms of Tullamore’s handsome gardener, Niall Brogan. Niall draws her into a world of sensuality and bliss. It’s unsettling though, how he disappears after making love.

Niall, still mourning the death of his beloved Abigail, falls in love with the beautiful American, but knows their relationship can’t survive in the manner Shanna needs. But when an aggressive, dark apparition begins stalking her through the castle, Niall realizes it may be the key to their destiny.