My family is forever my greatest accomplishment….

I fell madly in love with my husband, Jim, at 12 years old. By 13, I knew he was the man I’d marry. He lived seven houses down the street, and attended school with my older brother.  Many nights we sat in my front yard laughing and talking, and a few times we even fell asleep by the side of the road. Believe it or not, years ago, you could sleep comfortably in a ditch without worrying about getting robbed or ran over. We became great friends, and married shortly prior to my eighteenth birthday. He’s a carpenter, and to this day I love the smell of fresh sawdust on his clothes.  We've been married for over thirty years.

I have two grown, amazing children. I treasure their overloaded scrapbooks, and I flip through the pages often to reminisce with those precious memories. I’m grateful I spent my time with them rather than washing a sink full of dishes or mopping a dirty floor. They’ve given back exactly what I’ve given them. No reward is greater.
If history repeated itself and my daughter, Julie, had fallen in love at 12 years old, I would’ve said…. I really don’t know what I would’ve said. Well, she did fall in love at 15 and married her sweetheart, Chris, at 18. They’ve blessed me with the youngest loves of my life. My grandsons, Zachary and Joshua. They’re my Bestest Buddies in the Whole Wide World. I can’t tell my son, Jimmy, that though. He’s carried that title for the past 23 years. Though I don’t think he’d mind sharing said title because he idolizes the little guys as much as I do.

Nearly two years ago, I was introduced to the world of Huskies. I should have read the book, “Husky Pups for dummies,” before I indulged in that purchase. Then I would have known that breeders recommend you abstain from buying more than one ‘cute-little-fur-ball-pup’ before I bought two. I guess we live and we learn. As rambunctious as they continue to be, I love them to death.

In loving memory. Gone, but never absent from my heart.
Jake and Jackie Lynn
My newest loves
Jilly and Buster

Although I crochet and make crafts, writing is my passion.  I try to get ‘thought to paper’ a little bit every day. It’s therapeutic and whisks me away from the uglies we’re often handed in life. It all began in my preteen years. My girlfriend and I spent our time walking around the neighborhood telling fictional stories. Then one day we began to write those fairytales on notebook paper. A few years later we graduated to electronic typewriters. That endeavor took a multitude of paper, typewriter ribbon, and correction tape, but we never, ever gave up.

Here’s a tidbit of info for all my fellow writers; Don’t stop the flow of your writing to rewrite or revise sections or chapters before the entire project is completed. Finish it first, then begin the revision process. You’ll have a fresh perspective of your manuscript. I know… it’s easier said than done.

Regardless where my life travels from this point, I want people to remember me as being the best wife, mother, grandma, and friend that I could have possibly been.